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Welcome. We provide super easy ofw loan applications to OFWs like you. If you are living and working overseas but you still call the Philippines home, you can apply for and avail a ofw loan in the Philippines.

Your loan will be supplied to you or someone you authorize to collect the money. Your loan might be used for Real Estate, Home Repairs, Emergency Funds, New Car or School Fees. This is a 100% free and secure service. We have now helped more than 20,000 OFWs process their OFW loan. We can surely help you.

  • Affordable Repayments
  • Flexible Loan Terms
  • Fast Processing
how much can a OFW loan be?
How much can I borrow?

You will only be approved for a OFW Loan that you can afford based on your salary and existing expenses. This depends on what your current salary is and it depends on how much you borrow.

what are ofw loan repayments?
What are my repayments?

Your repayments will be based on how much you borrow. You will be provided with a loan that you can afford to repay. You won’t be approved for a loan that you can NOT afford to repay.

safe ofw loans
Is this secure & safe?

Yes. We help thousands of Pinoys get a loan each year. And we have not yet had any 1 issue reported to us. The services we provide are secure and online. Your information is cared for like it is our own.

ofw loan lending company
Who are you?

We are a company based in Quezon City, Manila. We match our clients to the right lenders. So you can have the best chances of approval and the quickest turn around time. We have partnerships with the biggest banks and lenders in the Philippines.

Need Extra Funds For a Holiday? School Fee's? Medical Bills? New Gadgets? or Home Improvements?

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What is Cheapest Way to Send Money Back Home?

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can an ofw get an auto loan?
Can an OFW Get an Auto Loan?

Now that your family has worked very hard for you to be able to study in a good college in Manila, graduate and transfer overseas to work it might be time to start repaying the favor and help provide for your family. This is a…

how to get a ofw loan.
How to Get a OFW Loan

In this article we will show you how you can still get a loan from a Philippines bank, even if you are an OFW and still currently overseas. This is what is widely known as a ‘OFW Loan’. Most of the major banks…

Tips for Returning to the Philippines for Work
Tips for Returning to the Philippines for Work

After a short stint or several years of hard work toiling in a foreign land, several returning overseas Filipino workers intend to savor the sweet fruits of their labor with their families towards retirement, and parlaying their hard-earned savings with an ideal investment…

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